SWAN Jewellery

Swan Jewellery is a modern chain store in Indonesia. With tagline “Design Without Limit”, Swan Jewellery commit to provide jewelleries product with the newest design, quality, and fashionable. With this concept, Swan Jewellery will surely be a market leader in diamond jewellery sales in Indonesia.

Swan Jewellery is merged into a group that was developing, The Swan Group.

The Swan Group was established in July 2008, founded by Vincent Claudius who has a family background in jewellery business since 1970. The Swan Group has a modern and innovative marketing, trained and professional human resources, also supported by various effective communication medias. With this concept, The Swan Group believes that they will be able to be a developing group and capable of compete the other jewellery businessman.

Now, The Swan Group already has 9 Jewellery Outlet Stores.

We Provide a
Design Without Limit

“Design Without Limit” was actually born as our promise to not to limit our way of thinking to make more innovation and new design in Jewellery Industry. We committed to provide diamond jewelleries with the newest design, best quality, and also fashionable.

Our Vision

“Be a diamond store with the best service and the best quality in Indonesia”

Our Mission

  1. Supply quality diamond jewellery products with the newest design.
  2. Give the best service to customers.
  3. Apply selling concept with modern marketing technique.
  4. Use the most advance computerize system in jewellery subject.
  5. Be the best company for the stock owner.