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PEONIA Diamond

Not all flowers are created equal, and that is the same of diamonds. The Peonia Diamond is inspired by one of the most elegant and beloved flowers, the Peony. Featuring the patented Peonia 88 Cut, eighty eight intricately handcrafted facets reveal a peony flower pattern in a burst of sublime brilliance. The beauty and the brilliance is incomparable.

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Peonia: A Flower, A Diamond

Peony was a favorite flower of nobility, and at one time was even protected by imperial law. Love, prosperity and happiness are symbols of this refined flower. The delicate beauty and meaningful symbolism of the peony is captured in an unique and enduring marvel of craftsmanship with the Peonia Diamond.

The Peonia 88 Cut

Creating a diamond that reveals a pattern deep within, and a superior sparkle to conventional diamonds requires extreme skill. Craftsmen of Peonia Diamonds receive at least 1.5 years of training in order to master the “Peonia 88 Cut”, which takes 5 times longer to handcraft than conventional round diamonds. The precise arrangement of the facets result in a glorious dispersion of light that is truly worth the wait.